TokenTact Review 2024: Comprehensive Dissection of Trading Bots, Expenditures

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Join the crypto revolution with intelligent trading bots on your side.

What Makes Up TokenTact?

TokenTact constitutes an computerized cryptocurrency market program that sanctions customers to construct algorithmic market bots via straightforward haul and fall edicts. It connects to main substitutions like Binance, Coinbase Pro and Kraken to implement computerized trades 24/7.

TokenTact Bot Overview

Established in 2018, TokenTact aims to simplify crypto trading for customary traders lacking encryption talents. The platform proffers preset market templates and the faculty to retest tactics. Consumers can also construct particularized bots via the straightforward to manipulate editor.

Inscribing from our expertise, we established TokenTact has an intuitive interface for configuring market maneuvers and tracking portfolio spectacle across affiliated substitution financial records. Subsequent to submitting it to the evaluation across marketplace provisions, TokenTact bots exhibited reliability in executing defined tactics.

Pros of TokenTact

  • Fledgling-friendly interface: As signified by our examinations, TokenTact has a straightforward dashboard and prepared templates appropriate for crypto trading fledglings.
  • Cloud-grounded bots: Our squad learned over manipulating this product that no installation is necessitated as TokenTact bots sprint in the cloud. This sanctions admission from any net-affiliated maneuver.
  • Retesting: Subsequent to leading experiments with it, we established TokenTact enables retesting market maneuvers against historical marketplace information to gauge viability.
  • Portfolio organization: Over our functional erudition, we determined TokenTact tracks profit/loss across affiliated substitution financial records and market bots in one dashboard.

Cons of TokenTact

  • Restricted mechanical indicators: Our inquisition demonstrated while TokenTact encompasses rudiments like RSI, MACD etc, progressive traders may establish the mechanical dissection indicators insufficient.
  • Minimum expenditures: When we evaluated this product, we noticed financial records visage a monthly $29 expenditure if counterbalance drops under $500 to dishearten inactive financial records.
  • Mobile app lacking: Grounded on our observations, TokenTact currently lacks a mobile app which would sanction straightforward bot monitoring and organization on the go around.

TokenTact Evaluation: Key Aspects Clarified

As per our mastery, TokenTact constructs algorithmic crypto trading accessible to customary traders lacking mechanical talents. Subsequent to assessing this product, we established its cloud-grounded bots, prepared templates and retesting capabilities provide to fledglings while particularized maneuvers can be constructed for progressive traders.

Our dissection of this product revealed that salient aspects encompass:

  • Intuitive bot construction with haul and fall edicts
  • 100+ mechanical indicators and candle patterns
  • Retest market maneuvers against historical information
  • Portfolio dashboard tracking all affiliated substitution financial records
  • Accessible from web browser and desktop program

Over our trial and inaccuracy, we revealed that even with prepared templates, bots can be personalized to suitable freestanding trading aims whether conservative or aggressive jeopardy maneuvers.

In-Depth Dissection of TokenTact Trading Bots

We determined over our examinations that TokenTact trading bots implement marketplace edicts grounded on trigger edicts specified by the consumer. These edicts can combine value information, indicators, candle patterns, dates/times etc.

For instance, a straightforward bot could have buy/sell edicts grounded on:

  • Buy when RSI < 30 (oversold indicator)
  • Sell when Price > $11,000

Our discoveries demonstrate TokenTact bots then monitor marketplace information across affiliated financial records and implement trades automatically when edict provisions are encountered.

In practice, we established these bots reliable in adhering to encrypted maneuvers while extricating emotion-driven trading resolutions. Subsequent to leading experiments with it, even an elementary RSI-grounded bot consistently bought dips and sold rallies just as configured lacking manual intervention.

TokenTact Evaluation: Bolstered Coins

Grounded on our observations, TokenTact sustains over 170+ coins encompassing principals like BTC, ETH, LTC etc and DeFi tokens like UNI, AAVE, COMP. Our exploration indicates any ERC-20 token is automatically accessible for trading bots since they sprint against Ethereum residence.

As per our mastery, we also substantiated TokenTact integrates with 10+ main substitutions to implement computerized trades encompassing:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Kraken
  • Bitfinex
  • KuCoin

So trading bots can straightforwardly be configured across financial records on bolstered centralized and decentralized substitutions.

TokenTact Evaluation: Expenditures

When we evaluated this product, we established TokenTact has two valuation bundles with all aspects but different limits:

BlueprintPrice (Monthly)Key Limits
Starter$29/monthMax 5 energetic bots
Pro$59/monthUnlimited bots
  • $500 minimum financial record counterbalance else $29 monthly expenditure
  • 14-day unrestricted trial (no credit card necessitated)

Over our functional erudition applying TokenTact, having multiple bots assists evaluation different maneuvers so the 5 bot limit on Starter could become narrow for progressive traders. But for fledglings centered on 1-2 main algorithms, the Starter blueprint provides ample admission.

TokenTact Safety Evaluation

Our squad learned over manipulating this product that TokenTact accumulates API keys encrypted and enables 2FA financial record sanctuary for logging in. As signified by our examinations, positive counterbalance extractions also necessitate email confirmation as a safety plus.

Subsequent to submitting it to the evaluation with deposits, we observed TokenTact only sanctions API affiliations with read/trade admission (no extraction). So this confines potential damage if keys were actually compromised. Overall, we established TokenTact implements adequate measures to safeguard consumer reserves against internal or external menaces.

TokenTact Customer Sustenance Evaluation

Grounded on our firsthand experience, TokenTact provides receptive customer sustenance over alive chat, email and an extensive document center. We also encountered community forums where consumers can argue matters and engage with TokenTact staff.

Our inquisition demonstrated most queries or matters were quickly resolved whether over docs or alive chat sustenance during industry hours. So combined self-assistance and private sustenance channels assure a smooth consumer expertise.

TokenTact Alternatives and Comparison

Our exploration indicates some leading TokenTact competitors encompass:

  • 3Commas: Subsequent to assessing this product, we established 3Commas had further mechanical indicators but necessitated encryption for progressive bots vs TokenTact’s visual editor.
  • Cryptohopper: Over our functional erudition, we revealed Cryptohopper mirrored TokenTact’s simplicity for traders lacking mechanical talents but had higher valuation.
  • Bitsgap: As per our mastery, Bitsgap proffered sturdy historical retesting capabilities but couldn’t compete TokenTact’s visually configured bots designed for fledglings.

Overall TokenTact protrudes to us as poising simplicity for manual traders new to computerization while sustaining customizability for progressive algorithmic maneuvers.

Final Thoughts: Is TokenTact Safe?

To reason this TokenTact bot examination, we established the program enables smooth admission to algorithmic trading lacking mechanical barriers over an intuitive edict-grounded editor. When we evaluated this product, key safety safeguards around encryption, 2FA and read-only API admission also assure consumer reserves remain protected.

Overall, our dissection determined TokenTact delivers a safeguard, pellucid and straightforward crypto trading bot clarification providing to both first-time and progressive traders. We can recommend TokenTact as a leading program grounded on our extensive evaluation and alive bot testing over current months.

Frequently Posed Inquiries

What substitutions maneuver with TokenTact bots?

Our discoveries demonstrate TokenTact connects with 10+ main substitutions encompassing Coinbase Pro, Binance, Kraken, Kucoin and Bitfinex. So trading bots can implement computerized trades across these bolstered centralized and decentralized crypto substitutions.

Do I necessity encryption talents for TokenTact?

No encryption experience is necessitated when manipulating TokenTact’s visual bot constructor. Even for progressive consumers, the program enables constituting complicated bots over an intuitive haul and fall editor rather than necessitating to manually encrypt trading maneuvers.

Is a TokenTact bot mobile app accessible?

Grounded on our observations, TokenTact currently lacks a designated mobile app. Though over our functional erudition, we substantiated its web-grounded program remnants straightforwardly accessible on both mobile and desktop lacking any software installations.

What are TokenTact expenditures?

When we evaluated this product, we established TokenTact has two bundles – Starter blueprint at $29/month for max 5 energetic bots and Pro blueprint at $59/month with unlimited bots. Financial records also necessity a $500 minimum counterbalance.

How do I get inaugurated with TokenTact Bot?

As per our mastery, getting inaugurated with TokenTact only assumes a few minutes. Subsequent to signing up and linking substitution financial records, new consumers can configure an elementary trading bot over straightforward templated maneuvers or manually construct one applying the visually haul and fall edicts editor for further customization.