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  • Harmony 2019/11 MilestonesHarmony 2019/11 Milestones
    Harmony Milestones @ 2019/11Harmony’s Delhi Meetup: November 2019Harmony’s vision is “Open Consensus for 10B” (see a fully open development and platform, we publish our quarterly planning publicly here as We follow Google’s OKRs.We believe activity < productivity < impact < value < meaning.Here are our main goals this quarter:$10k transaction fees: stablecoin, animoca… Read more »
  • The biggest mistake NickVasilich has ever done for HarmonyThe biggest mistake NickVasilich has ever done for Harmony
    I have been involved in the creation of the Harmony DAO and running the Harmony Social Mining (HSM) program for more than 6 weeks now. I got a lot of feedback, on effective ways to make HSM better and even more community-centric, bringing considerable value to the project.To date, many things… Read more »
  • Harmony Social Mining Talks — Episode 2: Team competitionHarmony Social Mining Talks — Episode 2: Team competition
    Harmony Social Mining Talks — Episode 2: Team competitionWe are happy that things around HSM are evolving. There are two big options for the Harmony Social Mining Talks today. The first one is the most valuable updates on HSM from the live Harmony Social Mining Twitter Talks that took effect on Friday,… Read more »
  • All-Hands Saturdays: 2019/11/9All-Hands Saturdays: 2019/11/9
    Since Day ONE, the full Harmony team meets every Saturday 10am. We now share our meeting notes in public as a tweet by each teammate.Leadership & Visiona packed day with @msewasoftware payments, @ycombinator's @razorpay, @PwC, #epifi &amp; @binance labs family @maticnetwork @marlinprotocol. india's fintech &amp; dev community are exploding w/ strong… Read more »
  • Цели и Результаты Harmony в @ 2019/11Цели и Результаты Harmony в @ 2019/11
    Виденье Harmony это “Открытый консенсус для 10 миллиардов” (см.В соответствии с полностью открытой разработкой и открытостью платформы мы опубликовали наш квартальный план Мы следуем Google’s OKRs.Мы верим в активность <продуктивность< воздействие< ценность < значение.Перечислим наши основный цели на этот квартал:$10k комиссия в транзакциях: стейблкоин, animoca game, портирование dai$10m ONE в… Read more »
  • Building The Future of Cross-FiBuilding The Future of Cross-Fi
    Harmony has committed significant resources and research bandwidth the development of a DeFi ecosystem!Decentralization is a powerful instrument for economic growth, and our support is expected to bring governance closer to the access of end costumers - contributing to economic development of digital currencies ecosystem and the reduction of fees… Read more »
Harmony News

Harmony News