How to Delegate Your Harmony (ONE) Tokens and Earn Staking Rewards

Earning rewards by staking your ONE tokens is easy with the help of the Harmony dashboard and its Chrome extension. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

What’s a Delegator?

Harmony is currently made up of 320 seats for validators. You can earn staking rewards by delegating your ONE tokens to any one of these validators.

Note: Delegating is completely safe and the validator does not have access to your funds. It is all done via a smart contract.

When you delegate to a validator, you will start earning rewards if that validator is elected for the next staking epoch. Each epoch lasts 1.5 days.

If you want to undelegate your ONE tokensthe unbonding time is 7 epochs (10.5 days) from the last epoch the validator was elected. If you want to undelegate from a validator that has never been elected, the unbonding time is only 1 epoch (1.5 days).

How to Delegate and Stake Your ONE: Step-By-Step Instructions

First, you are going to need your chrome extension.

Click on the Chrome extension and either (1) create your Harmony wallet and write down your seed phrase or (2) recover your already-existing wallet.

Fund your wallet with the amount you plan on staking. Then go to You will see this dasboard.

Go to Portfolio and you will be prompted by your Chrome extension to select your account.

Now you can delegate to whichever validator you choose. Delegating to a validator to earn ONE rewards is easy.

Consider Delegating with Us

We run our own validator called . We now have over 84 million ONE staked with us!

  •  Running 3 cloud servers each with backups (so 6 cloud servers in total)
  •  Validator will be safe (2FA protection) and always monitored for uptime.
  •  Been running foundational nodes since summer 2019 so we know what we’re doing.
  •  Support Harmony’s community project which brings you the latest news.
  •  Rest easy knowing you are earning well.

We’re a community initiative that’s been supporting Harmony for a long time now, so thanks if you decide to delegate with us!

To delegate, simply click “Delegate” and you will be prompted with your Chrome browser extension again. Select the amount you want to delegate and confirm.

… and done! You will see all your delegations in the Portfolio section of the staking dashboard where you can follow and claim your earnings.