Aside from decentralized finance, gaming, and digital collectibles, Harmony is also focusing on privacy. Protecting one’s identity is crucial in this day and age. Luckily, a decentralized network is the best means of ensuring that no one is able to exploit your identity.


Shyft is trying to build an infrastructure to manage one’s identity for our future, decentralized world. It will be working with Harmony so its privacy-protected ‘digital ID’ protocol will be easily integrated with Harmony’s decentralized applications. In effect, Shyft will prove to be a stepping stone towards standardizing digital identity management not just on Harmony but on many different networks.

With Shyft, users can verify their identity with the ‘click of a button’ in any Harmony-based dApp which runs Shyft. Shyft is also working closely with Chainlink as well to make this happen.

Official Shyft x Harmony Announcement