Harmony on YouTube: Latest Videos

Thanks to Harmony’s Creative Director, Robin Schmidt (@DirSchmidt), the team has been consistently putting out high-quality videos on hot topics in the cryptocurrency industry. These videos cover some of the most pressing issues in the blockchain world, while also discussing the progress Harmony has made in tackling them.

How Does Open Staking Work?

The team has produced a variety of videos to educate newcomers about their unique open staking model. It works on a bidding process that has an election every epoch (1.5 days). Validators are elected based on the median bid. Delegators can stake with validators to earn ONE rewards.

The entire consensus mechanism for open staking is called Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) which was invented by Harmony. Learn more about it by viewing the playlist below.

About the Harmony Protocol

If you want to learn more about the technicalities Harmony’s protocol, Schmidt’s videos are a must-watch. From Binance USD (BUSD) porting over to Harmony’s network to tokenomics to comparing ONE and ETH transaction speeds—plenty of topics are covered, and many more to come!

View the playlist below and learn about Harmony.

Office Tour of Harmony’s Creative Studio

In early March, Harmony officially settled into its creative studio. Schmidt gives a tour of the office in a special video. Worth checking out, just so you can get a feel of the creative space behind the videography.

Harmony Insights Series

Harmony Insights are detailed investigations into some of the most important questions in the blockchain world. One of the central themes of this series is how blockchain-related expansion and adoption will take place on a wide scale. The goal is to someday create a decentralized world that can scale to a future population of 10 billion people. Yes, Harmony likes to think long-term.

Episode ONE of Harmony Insights features commentary from CEO Stephen Tse and investor Anthony Pompliano, plus other leaders on the team. Below is a playlist with the full collection of videos.

Harmony Bytes Series

Harmony Bytes are, as you might expect, small ‘bite-sized’ videos on various hot topics in the cryptocurrency world. Topics discussed in this series range from decentralized finance to staking mechanisms. They are intended to give viewers a short, crash course on blockchain-related topic.

Watch the complete series in the playlist below.

Explaining the Tech

As Harmony builds up its tech stack, it needs clear communication to educate the public on what their work can bring to fintech and the world at large.

We can expect the number of informational Harmony-related videos to continue to grow as more and more crypto-assets migrate over to Harmony. Hopefully, it inspires developers to pick up the mantle and build on Harmony. A decentralized world is possible.

Harmony Co-founder Nick White gives a presentation at Draper University.
Harmony CTO Rongjian Lan gives a presentation on Harmony’s unique Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) consensus system.
Harmony CEO Stephen Tse giving his keynote speech at biggest blockchain event of 2019, Shanghai Blockchain Week.
How to deploy smart contracts on Harmony: a presentation by Matt Lockyer.
One of the most detailed videos on Harmony’s technological vision from the early days of the project (filmed June 2018).


Various YouTubers in the cryptocurrency space have sat down with the team to discuss the fundamentals of Harmony’s vision and its underlying technology, as well. Here are just a few.

In April 2020, Harmony CEO had an AMA with Gitcoin where he answered all your pressing questions.

In June 2020, Harmony’s co-founder Nick White held an interview with Crypto Clay on open staking and what’s in store for the future.

Harmony co-founder Sahil Dewan went on Coin Crunch India to discuss decentralization finance and cross-border payments in the country. Harmony is setting a major foothold in India’s digital ecosystem and recently was chosen for the government’s blockchain incubator program.

Throwback! In May 2019, co-founder Nick White sat down with popular Youtuber Boxmining to discuss the technicalities of Harmony’s scalable network.

Harmony: The 80 Year Story

Harmony’s philosophy is that they are building a company and business model that will last for another 80 years. It’s an ambitious feat and was discussed during the Q3 off-site meetup.

The Harmony team brought in Creative Director Robin Schmidt to interview the team and record the occasion. The video is an in-depth look at Harmony’s work culture and why it stands out. It is ultimately this work culture that forms the foundation of Harmony’s long-term vision.

For a closer look, watch “Harmony Q3 Off-Site: the 80 year story”

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