Harmony (ONE) on Social Media

Harmony has many channels where people can discuss the latest on the project and also talk directly with the team. Currently, Telegram, Twitter, and Discord are the most active.

Official Social Media Channels

Talk.Harmony | Harmony’s own hosted forum

Talk.Harmony is hosted on Harmony’s own domain. If you want to get more involved, you should introduce yourself to the board by posting in Introductions.

Join Talk.Harmony here.

Harmony Community and Harmony- Pangaeans | Telegram

Telegram remains the leading place for those who support Harmony to chat. The team has two official channels: one for general non-price related discussions relating to the project called Harmony Community and Harmony-Pangaeans for those currently participating in the Pangaea contest. Both are quite active and moderators will be happy to answer any questions.

Join Harmony Community or Harmony-Pangaens on Telegram

Harmony.One | Discord

Discord has a smaller community than Harmony’s Telegram channels, but still is the leading place for more technical discussions. Generally, the team is much more active on Discord and you can follow the day-to-day activities for Harmony through it as well.

Join Harmony.One discord here.

Harmony_One | Reddit

Harmony’s presence on Reddit is set to be refined soon, but the community boasts open discussion on any topics. We can expect Reddit to become a more popular hub for Harmony fans in the coming months.

Subscribe to Harmony_One on Reddit here.

Latest Harmony Updates | Twitter

Twitter is always the best way to keep up with Harmony-related news, so you definitely want to follow Harmony’s official Twitter and feel free to tweet at the team.

Follow Harmony on Twitter here.

Official Page | Facebook

Although not as active as other channels, Harmony does have its own official page on Facebook.

Like Harmony’s Facebook page here.

Community-led Initiatives

HarmonyNews.one | Twitter

The Harmony News Twitter handle often reports on insider knowledge on the progress being done behind-the-scenes. It’s a feed of all the latest news.

Follow Harmony News on Twitter here.

Harmony Traders | Telegram

The largest official trading group for ONE holders where almost anything goes. Talk about price, the future of cryptocurrency, and anything else that’s on your mind.

Join Harmony Traders on Telegram here.

DailyOne (Harmony Memes) | Reddit

r/DailyOne is a place for Harmony-related memes and banter. It’s completely community-run and is not affiliated at all with the official Harmony team.

Subscribe to Daily One on Reddit here.